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woodlandsworld2 · 2d ago

Two minutes for Me!

Wedding is tomorrow and it has been extremely busy this week although the wedding side is flowing smoothly, its everything else thats going wrong.Tori's (the bride) car broke down.Our Biomas...
woodlandsworld2 · 2W ago

First Loss of The Season.

It has been a glorious day today, so decided to water all my cactus and succulents in the greenhouse and uncover the arid bed to see how it has survived.On initial inspection everything look...
woodlandsworld2 · 2W ago

A Beautiful Day in Shirt Sleeves!

Glorious day today, so I spent it in the garden sorting things out and generally tidying up! It was so warm I was able to work in just my shirt sleeves, so lovely.First of all I set up my pr...
woodlandsworld2 · 2W ago

It Must Be Spring??

I have been away for the weekend and come back to ........Frogs spawn and loads of it...... sadly I don't think much of it will survive this year as we had a big pond clear out last autumn s...
woodlandsworld2 · 3W ago

1st March 2017, St Davids Day.

To be totally honest I have done very little in the garden this month. The only flowers I have had anything to do with are these Yep, paper flowers, actually comic book, buttonholes, I made...
woodlandsworld2 · 1M ago

Dog Walk No 2!

Having had such an amazing brithday weekend, today I finds myself alone with my four legged friend.Another glorious day, so I decided a walk along the canal in Devizes was in order. This is ...
woodlandsworld2 · 1M ago

Dog Walk with Darcy!

A lovely walk this morning.
woodlandsworld2 · 1M ago

A Gift!

I have been a very lucky lady and recently been given a sum of money. I decided after some thought to spend half and save half .So I have purchased some items for my greenhouse.The first is ...
woodlandsworld2 · 2M ago

New Year Organiser

Having got my new calander for the year, this got me thinking about my plans for the garden.A week ago found me with camera wandering down the garden on a most glorious and frosty morning....
woodlandsworld2 · 4M ago

A Dog Walk Around the Village!

I decided to take a few pics of our 3.5 mile walk around our village, there are a number of working farms, so the roads are horrendously muddy and shitty too!!Darcy loves this walk when its ...