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Woodsterman · 5h ago

Warm Up For Awww Monday

Thanks Sonia!
Woodsterman · 1d ago

Women In Uniform ~OR~ Rule 5 Woodsterman Style

Woodsterman · 2d ago

Still No Hogg

Woodsterman · 3d ago

No Hogg None of the Time

Woodsterman · 3d ago

Still No Hogg

Woodsterman · 4d ago

Bird is the Word

Woodsterman · 5d ago

David Says, "Good Ones" Once More

Woodsterman · 6d ago

Awww Monday ~ Woodsterman Style ~ 145 ~

Woodsterman · 1w ago

David Says, "Good Ones"

Woodsterman · 1W ago

I Love The Beach ~OR~ Rule 5 Woodsterman Style

A man with no legs is lying on the beach, when three attractive blondes approach him. The first blonde says to him ''I bet you've never been hugged before.'' The legless man shakes his head. Then the second blonde says, ''I bet you've never been kiss...