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@work: A Career Blog · 2d ago

Uncommon Common Sense

This is one of a series of posts based on the book Everything is Obvious, Once You Know the Answer by Duncan Watts. Watts is a sociologist who is a principal researcher at Microsoft Research...
@work: A Career Blog · 1W ago

She’s Not There

I’m very happy to report that I am not available to post today – I’m on a plane headed for an exotic destination and some much needed R and R. Please enjoy these previous posts about time of...
@work: A Career Blog · 2W ago

Want to Be More Productive? Try out Luxafor

Millennials are beginning to dominate the workplace, and they are flexing their design muscles to help themselves become more productive. It’s no secret that this hyper connected, multitaski...
@work: A Career Blog · 3W ago

Three Essential Job Hunting Tips for Graduates

It's graduation season. After the parties, it's time to get serious about your career plan. Here are some quick tips to get you started. Continue reading →
@work: A Career Blog · 4W ago

Seth Godin on Graduation

Seth Godin is a deep thinker on many subjects, but he’s particularly passionate about education and what it teaches us about the real world. Here’s a link to his manifesto on education. Here...
@work: A Career Blog · 1M ago

When Life S*cks

Taya Micola is a therapist and author of When Life Sucks; A Therapist’s Guide to Surviving and Thriving During Tough Times.  Her book is aimed at helping people survive, and eventually move ...
@work: A Career Blog · 1M ago

What you See is What You Got

People swear they’re opposed to some sort of behavior, but they seem to do it themselves all the time. Continue reading →
@work: A Career Blog · 1M ago

Try Yoga at your Desk

Even if you’ve never attended a yoga class, you can incorporate yoga stretches into your day; they can ease tension, stave off pain, and give you a few minutes of mindfulness. Continue read...
@work: A Career Blog · 1M ago

Wear This, Not That

Lindsey Pollak is a consultant, coach and author who specializes in advice to – and about – millennials. She helps corporations understand and manage this large cohort, which now makes up mo...
@work: A Career Blog · 2M ago

When Bad Things Happen

What happens to you in life is less important than the story you tell yourself about it before or afterward. Sit quietly with that for a moment, then read on. Any moment, even day, in your l...