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@work: A Career Blog · 2d ago

Break the Procrastination Habit

I do know many people who procrastinate things they should do, both big and small. And I know they hate the consequences of procrastination, both big and small. So here’s a guide to overcomi...
@work: A Career Blog · 1W ago

When a Disaster Affects your Job

Your employer may have a strong and well-crafted emergency preparedness plan with clear policies on what to do and how to communicate during and after a storm. But you can do your part to he...
@work: A Career Blog · 2W ago

Is Your Message More Negative than You Think?

Murphy says “when you’re about to have a difficult conversation, or deliver some constructive feedback or even send an email when you’re slightly irritated, it’s really important to PAUSE an...
@work: A Career Blog · 3W ago

Microsoft Training for Veterans In Northeast Florida Starts October 16, 2017

The Microsoft Software & Systems Academy (MSSA) is an 18-week educational program that Microsoft conducts in partnership with Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU.) It provides active ...
@work: A Career Blog · 4W ago

White Sheet, Pink Slip – Yes, You Can be Fired for Your Off-duty Behavior

In case you’re wondering, it’s perfectly legal for private companies to fire an employee for behavior and speech, even on personal time. Continue reading →
@work: A Career Blog · 1M ago

How to Negotiate Anything Fearlessly

Negotiating a job offer is one of the scariest moments in your job search, ironically, since it’s also the much hoped for culmination of your journey. Donaldson’s Wish-Want-Walk method is de...
@work: A Career Blog · 1M ago

When You Feel Like a Fake

Writing for Psychology Today, Carlin Flora says that everyone suffers from what’s commonly known as Imposter Syndrome at some point in their lives. First, though, she corrects the popular no...
@work: A Career Blog · 1M ago

Competence Rules

Valerie Young is the author of The Secret Thoughts of Successful Women: Why Capable People Suffer from the Impostor Syndrome and How to Thrive in Spite of It. In a previous post, I wrote abo...
@work: A Career Blog · 1M ago

Work is Hard, and Working Harder is Not the Answer

We’re training workers to do the wrong things and to do things the wrong way. Continue reading →
@work: A Career Blog · 2M ago

Know Like and Trust

The purpose of marketing is to get your customer to know, like and trust you. So when they have a problem to solve, it’s you they will turn to for a solution. Continue reading →