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@work: A Career Blog · 2d ago

Practicing Empathy

Brené Brown is a researcher who has specialized in studying shame for most of her career. Her recent book, I Thought It Was Just Me (but it isn’t): Making the Journey from “What Will People ...
@work: A Career Blog · 1W ago

Becoming More Stoic

If you’re going through a rough patch in your job or career transition, you can apply Stoic principles to help you cope. Here are some ideas to consider. Continue reading →
@work: A Career Blog · 1W ago

If You Like this Advice, You May Like This Too.

I’m always grateful to my readers – thanks for checking in and investing time in what I have to say about careers and success. This blog has been included in Careers Wiki’s list of best care...
@work: A Career Blog · 2W ago

Take a Half Step In

I never thought I’d get valuable tips from a book on how to have more success picking up women. Turns out, the principles are very transferable. Stay with me. Continue reading →
@work: A Career Blog · 3W ago

The Shame Associated with Being Out of Work

When someone is laid off or fired, one of the most persistent emotions they must deal with is shame. Continue reading →
@work: A Career Blog · 4W ago

2018 is the Year of the Earth Dog

2018 is going to be my year – at least according to Chinese astrology. I’m an Earth Dog, and February 16 was the start of the Year of the Earth Dog. The Dog symbol, as you would expect, is a...
@work: A Career Blog · 1M ago

What Nick Foles Can Teach Us about Character

Nick Foles is the man of the hour. A second string quarterback who took down the best quarterback and the best team of the decade in a Super Bowl shootout that was fun to watch. Plus, he’s a...
@work: A Career Blog · 1M ago

How to Comfort a Coworker

Sometimes, we must spend eight hours or more at work with someone who has experienced loss or is going through a period of intense sadness. Here’s how you can help. Continue reading →
@work: A Career Blog · 1M ago

The Concept of Social Proof

When in doubt, look around you and do what the people at the next table are doing.  Most of us do it, and it works most of the time.  You probably won’t make a monkey of yourself in any give...
@work: A Career Blog · 1M ago

Seth Godin’s Five Contributors

Seth Godin invests a lot of thought into what makes a workplace great. He recently posted a piece on what he considers to be five essential roles on a team. He writes: “Each one matters, eac...