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Hues n Shades · 2d ago

Postcard Series - Landscapes and poems

When we travel we often look for postcards not only as keepsakes but also to send it to our family and friends. When I saw the blank Winsor and Newton postcards I wanted to have them but hadn't thought of what I would want to paint on them. In fact i...
Hues n Shades · 1W ago

From the Postcard Series and a Sneak-peek.

I prefer working on small sized paintings/drawings as they are quite manageable and easy to handle. Post cards are fun that way. I had these Winsor and Newton Cotman Watercolour postcards fo...
Hues n Shades · 2W ago

wrapping up Inktober with an Inktober Calendar

Inktober came to a close and so that's wrapped up. Thanks to Jake Parker who started it all! This was my first time and I enjoyed every bit of it, definitely a learning experience. Each aven...
Hues n Shades · 3W ago

Inktober week 4

The final week of Inktober is here and am quite satisfied with the art I have been able to create and pull together over the last 4 weeks. I am more satisfied with the fact that I have becom...
Hues n Shades · 4W ago

Inktober and New found Artists

Into the third week and still going...that’s something quite satisfying for me. The first thing I do these days once I settle down in the morning is to do my Inktober piece and then post it ...
Hues n Shades · 1M ago

Inktober and Intentions

I started Inktober on 1st, as is supposed to be, and so far I am able to keep up the momentum though on two occasions I had to summon myself to do it. If I hesitate in the beginning itself, ...
Hues n Shades · 1M ago

Inktober2017 - Tiny! But Me.

"31 Days 31 Drawings.Every October artists all over the world take on the Inktober drawing challenge and do one ink drawing a day the entire month. Inktober was created by artist Jake Parker...
Hues n Shades · 1M ago

Meet An Artist - Hojat Amani (Part 2)

This is the second part of the amazing Iranian artist, Hojat Amani's interview. To read the first part click HERE.Deepa Gopal Sunil (DGS): From what I understand, you have been a witness to ...
Hues n Shades · 1M ago

Meet An Artist - Hojat Amani

“In fact all children like doodling and it seems that it is part of our nature as human beings. Children like drawing or working with color even before learning to read and write. Moreover, ...
Hues n Shades · 1M ago

Winged Journeys - Call for Submissions

What do you think of WINGS?Wings painted on one of the walls in Fort Kochi. Artist anon.It is said:"Until you spread your wings y