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writer. musician. hair model. · 10M ago

a surgery, a recovery and an engagement

After several weeks of photography projects and family health issues, I am back in the game. My husband is recovering from surgery and I have so much hope and faith that this will be a good ...
writer. musician. hair model. · 11M ago

Chef Roger Waysok on WGN lunch break!

Lunchbreak: PBandJ grilled cheese, prepared by South Water Kitchen chef Roger Waysok
writer. musician. hair model. · 1Y ago

no time for resolutions

I didn’t have time for new years resolutions this year. No worries though, I don’t need for one calendar day to dictate what I will do for the other 364. Since I am constantly evolving, I’m ...
writer. musician. hair model. · 1Y ago

abandoned building

I spend a lot of time in the car. Not as much as before, but still, a significant amount of my day is spent driving. It can get tedious, but overall, I don’t mind. When I plan my life around...
writer. musician. hair model. · 1Y ago

gone way too long again

I did it again. Got swept up in my projects and neglected to post here. There’s been hair modeling and photo shoots and crazy kid/family stuff happening but even though I had these delays, I...
writer. musician. hair model. · 1Y ago

garden party

My husband, the chef, spent months of this year going around the country as a task force chef.  He spent most of last winter in Texas helping other chefs in the company succeed. I was jealou...
writer. musician. hair model. · 1Y ago

shooting in monochrome

Shooting in black and white adds an element to photos that I can’t fully explain. I never studied color so I’m curious why this happens. How does removing color enhance a photo? Some photos ...
writer. musician. hair model. · 1Y ago

Photo by me published on Food Network Blog

Here’s a quick post to show you my photo published on the Food Network Blog. This is Chef Heather Terhune’s churro ice cream sandwich. She recently opened Tre Revali in Milwaukee, Wisconsin....
writer. musician. hair model. · 1Y ago

door ninja

  I haven’t written about my oldest son in a while. He’s sweet and funny and talented. And, he’s eight. He looks out for his younger brother, without me asking. The word “technically” finds ...
writer. musician. hair model. · 1Y ago

Dreams by Night and Day

Originally posted on Maggie Madly Writing: Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night. —Edgar Allan Poe I’ve heard it said that daydreamin...