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Writer's Wanderings · 2h ago

Smell Bad When You Travel?

Ever take a really long plane flight? We do that on occasion when we jump one of the puddles (the Atlantic or Pacific). The Pacific is quite a haul for us since we live closer to the east co...
Writer's Wanderings · 1d ago

Travel Tips From The Movies?

It's happened more than once. We'll be sitting in a movie and I'll get a poke in the side and Bob says, "Been there!" With some movies like a Bond movie that moves from place to place it wil...
Writer's Wanderings · 4d ago

Through My Lens - Florida Fotos

Writer's Wanderings · 5d ago

Those Selfies Could Cost You

An article I found that was written a year ago spoke of a charge for taking pictures at Tu...
Writer's Wanderings · 6d ago

Wordless Wednesday

Writer's Wanderings · 1w ago

Feeding The Sharks

Each year that we winter over in Florida, we are close enough to the grandkids that we can...
Writer's Wanderings · 1W ago

Monkey Jungle

Looking to make a day special for our two and a half year old granddaughter, we settled on a trip to Monkey Jungle. Every time we make the drive from the Key Largo condo to where they live, ...
Writer's Wanderings · 1W ago

Blue Blooded Horseshoe Crabs

On our second trip to the Florida Keys Aquarium Encounter, this time with our granddaughter, I picked up another little tidbit of knowledge I hadn't had before. The touch tide pool was her f...
Writer's Wanderings · 1W ago

World War II Courage

A few years ago we stood on the beaches in Normandy, France and marveled at the courage it...
Writer's Wanderings · 1W ago

Wordless Wednesday