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Writer's Wanderings · 2h ago

Wordless Wednesday

Writer's Wanderings · 1d ago

Migrating Back Home

The trunk of the car was packed without an inch of free space and the back seat of the car...
Writer's Wanderings · 2d ago

A Last Look At Mama Osprey

Two weeks ago we made a pass by the osprey nest we watch each year near Key Largo. Mama wa...
Writer's Wanderings · 5d ago

A Rose By Any Other Name

As we rounded the corner of our condo unit, we noticed it immediately. Beautiful red bloom...
Writer's Wanderings · 1w ago

Wordless Wednesday

Writer's Wanderings · 1W ago

The Florida Keys - A Little History

It was a Sunday afternoon. We finished our last Sunday brunch at our favorite place, Snapp...
Writer's Wanderings · 1W ago

It's Another Birthday

It’s a simple math problem. How many decades are in a century? First you have to know that there are a hundred years in a century and a decade is made up of ten years. So there are ten decad...
Writer's Wanderings · 1W ago

Oh Those Cruise Excursions!

You're taking a cruise, hitting all those wonderful ports that attracted you to the cruise...
Writer's Wanderings · 2W ago

Wordless Wednesday

Writer's Wanderings · 2W ago

Will Smartphones Replace DSLRs?

The horizon is a third down from the top. Maybe. Maybe not. The technology does make one's head spin though.There are times when I get tired of lugging my Canon with me and take a little break and rely on my iPhone for pictures. I can get some incred...