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Writer's Wanderings · 1d ago

Are You A Skilled Traveler?

Nowadays there are lists for everything. I'm a list person when it comes to getting things done but I also enjoy measuring myself against some of the lists that get published like the latest...
Writer's Wanderings · 2d ago

What Happens To That Leftover Soap In The Hotel?

What do you do with the unused amenities in that hotel bathroom when you leave? Do you tak...
Writer's Wanderings · 3d ago

Wordless Wednesday

Writer's Wanderings · 4d ago

The Device-Free Vacation Challenge

How many devices do you travel with? Myself, I carry a Surface computer, a Kindle and an i...
Writer's Wanderings · 5d ago

Free? Did Someone Say Free?

My husband, Bob, always reminded the kids that nothing in life is free. And that smacks true most of the time. There are however, some places you can visit for free admission. Granted it may...
Writer's Wanderings · 1W ago

Traveling To Ancient Rome

This week we are traveling to ancient Rome by way of our Vacation Bible School at church. There is a marketplace where the "family groups" will learn to write with "octopus ink", make laurel wreaths, how to dress in a toga, metal working, carpentry, ...
Writer's Wanderings · 1W ago

Through Bob's Lens - Diving Grand Cayman

These were from my husband's camera during our dive trip to Grand Cayman.Flamingo tongue snail. The snail is actually covering its shell and will retract to the inside when threatened.Spotte...
Writer's Wanderings · 2W ago

A 3-Tank Safari

Our favorite dive operation, Ocean Frontiers in Grand Cayman, features several very creati...
Writer's Wanderings · 2W ago

Turtle Kisses

Usually the marine life gives you wide berth when you are diving but there are occasions w...
Writer's Wanderings · 3W ago

Don't Pack Bandaids, Pack This

On our first dive day we were on the new boat that Ocean Frontiers now has. Super nice but it wasn't quite decked out all the way. There was no grab bar under the swim deck to hang on to in order to take off swim fins before ascending the ladder. (Th...