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Writer's Wanderings · 2d ago

Cruising - Pool Deck Etiquette

Unfortunately, the most popular place on a day at sea is the pool. Not necessarily that everyone wants in the pool. No, you'll find few actually getting wet. What you will find though is are plenty of loungers. They will grab their lounge chair as ea...
Writer's Wanderings · 3d ago

The Power Of A Word In A Foreign Language

If you have ever ventured out on your own in a foreign country you have probably found at ...
Writer's Wanderings · 4d ago

Wordless Wednesday

Writer's Wanderings · 5d ago

Cruising-Testing The Water

Not sure if you would like cruising? Here's a way to try it out. Take a short 4-5 day crui...
Writer's Wanderings · 6d ago

Books For The Road- The Little House On The Prairie

My book club gets me to read things I never would have chosen myself. It gets me out of my mystery/detective niche that I find myself in more often than not. The Little House series by Laura Ingalls Wilder was more popular in the 70s about the time t...
Writer's Wanderings · 1W ago

Scoring Onboard Credit

Almost every time you book a cruise it comes with some kind of onboard credit. Depending u...
Writer's Wanderings · 1W ago

Stretching Your Palate

Having a son who lives in Japan with his family and is married to a Japanese lady who grew up in Japan, we have been challenged many times to try new foods. Most of the time it works out well. When I saw a list of 13 things you really need to try in ...
Writer's Wanderings · 1W ago

Wordless Wednesday

Writer's Wanderings · 1W ago

Cruising - If I Were A Rich Woman

Luxury cruise lines. Penthouse suites, butlers, special restaurants, free laundry. If you ...
Writer's Wanderings · 1W ago

It's A Pocketful Of Christmas!

It's here! It's available on Amazon! And it's a great quick read for the holidays. A Pocketful Of Christmas is a novella and takes place in a little town in Pennsylvania. Here's the teaser:When you give the miracle of love will you get double back? A...