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Writer's Wanderings · 2d ago

Lounging On A Long Layover -Airport Lounges For Economy Flyers

For a lot less than first or business class tickets you can get into those comfortable air...
Writer's Wanderings · 3d ago

Travel Companions Through Life

Forty-nine years ago my husband, Bob, and I traveled down the aisle and made promises that we've kept pretty well over the years. Little did we know when we made our first trip as a couple to the Hocking Hills of Ohio that we would become world trave...
Writer's Wanderings · 4d ago

Wordless Wednesday

Writer's Wanderings · 5d ago

Salvation Mountin

Maybe it's because I was preparing a talk for a ladies' retreat this week that an article ...
Writer's Wanderings · 6d ago

Ranch Vacations - Are You A Dude Or Guest?

In all our travels we have never considered a stay at a dude ranch. Perhaps it didn't cros...
Writer's Wanderings · 1W ago

Laptop Bans On Airlines

While I haven't seen it highly publicized (perhaps because it's old news and there is so much other fodder to feed on) there is an easing of the ban on laptops in carry-ons when flying from ...
Writer's Wanderings · 1W ago

Caribbean Hurricane Season - Deals and Dangers

Harvey, Irma, Jose. Who is next? And where will they travel? It's been quite a season alre...
Writer's Wanderings · 1W ago

Wordless Wednesday

Writer's Wanderings · 1W ago

Books For The Road - Casey Stengel Mysteries

In anticipation of working toward a third book in this series I have combined the first two Casey Stengel Mysteries into one volume. Murder Among The Orchids and Death Among The Deckchairs are available in one book now on Amazon. Here are the teasers...
Writer's Wanderings · 1W ago

I Don't Make This Stuff Up!

Being a novelist you might think that some of my posts sound like fiction. Some are but I ...