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Writing the Day · 2d ago


Overnight, more snow, fell lightly by moonlight. Enough to erase all traces of yesterday. Enough for fox to mark his domain again, for squirrel to forget, make me want to fill white space wi...
Writing the Day · 6d ago

Cold December Haiku

Cold wind over the lake. Father and son on park bench. No one is speaking. Tagged: cold, father, haiku, son
Writing the Day · 1W ago


The web host places ads between poems that I post here. Advertisements for me. Sometimes. Or to catch your distracted attention. Everything offered is free for the reading. Fill your cart fo...
Writing the Day · 2W ago

Inflection Point

That point on a convex curve where upward becomes downward concave or vice versa. In retrospect, a moment when it changed. Things might have improved or just disrupted. A turning point, when...
Writing the Day · 1M ago


Before today’s sunrise, our two brightest planets, Venus and Jupiter, came close together. Both inside my one field of view – “An illusion. Only from our Earthly perspective,” you said, movi...
Writing the Day · 1M ago

Things Undone

The birds sense winter coming this morning. Sparrows flutter, fight and search the eaves for hiding places from the next season. Blue jays, cardinals, chickadees, all anxiously feeding, remi...
Writing the Day · 2M ago

At Fourteen

At fourteen, I thought less about the future and, unaware of Buddhism, lived in the moment. Even a day was usually unplanned, spontaneous, open to what the universe had planned for me. If li...
Writing the Day · 2M ago


​This  year was the summer that wasn’t. Circumstances made the months pass us unnoticed It was a Southern hemisphere season here. A winter landscape when summer was due. Our world’s axis til...
Writing the Day · 2M ago


​Better pleasure than pain. Better a cemetery than a hospital. Better the campus than the classroom. Better dreams than sleep. Better that I write the poem than think about writing it. Bette...
Writing the Day · 2M ago

The Flavorist’s Lament

Whether with American flavor or British flavour, flavor creation is done by a flavorist, scientific chemical palette creativity, sense of smell, and sweet, sour, bitter, salty and umami – pu...