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Writing With Donna Donna Mazzitelli - The Word Heartiste

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Jerri Lee George

Reads about: editing, publishing, writing

Genevieve Berry

Reads about: networkedblogs, facebook, publishing, editing, blogging

Jordon Holiday poet wandering through
finding the rite words
is just
what's happening

Reads about: editing, publishing, writing

Lizanne Corbit

Reads about: writing, goddess, publishing, confidence, community

Rene Evenson

Reads about: editing, publishing, writing

Donna Mazzitelli

Reads about: writing, publishing, books, editing, women

Douglas Powell

Reads about: editing, publishing, writing

Lisa Shultz I am an author.
I co-created the books Speaking Your Truth: Courageous Stories from Inspiring Women...

Reads about: writing, empowerment, spirituality, women, publishing

Brenda Bomgardner

Reads about: relationships, mental health, mindfulness, writing, seniors

Amanda Stidham Coatn...

Reads about: life, humor, holistic wellness, spirituallity, writing

Melissa Kline

Reads about: writing, books, author, women, writer

Lee Lomas-Author

Reads about: writing, empowerment, info marketing, purpose, editing

Helen Brougham

Reads about: sales, technology, self development, business, fashion

Lorii Abela

Reads about: dating, love, singles, social media, publishing

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