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Mary E Graziano

Reads about: child abuse, domestic violence, giveaways, reviews, sexual abuse

Shirleyalexis Johnso... Survivor of Infancy Neglect & Abandonment/ Survivor of Early Childhood Trauma - Ritualistic Childhoo...

Reads about: mental health, child abuse, adoption, mental illness, ptsd

Pandora Urquhart-Hux... Pandora. 27ish. (Northern) Irish. Frequent swearer. Frequent ranter. Misanthropic but friendly....

Reads about: mental health, depression, bipolar, mental illness, sexual abuse

Kate White Thompson

Reads about: mental health, depression, bipolar, recovery, psychology

Teresa Baker I am a 32 year old single mother to my oldest son who is becoming a man..I struggle with depression...

Reads about: recovery, depression, mental illness, healing, life

Paul Russell

Reads about: recovery, addiction, mental health, eating disorders, alcoholism

Rachel Jeanette Stol...

Reads about: child abuse, writing, christianity, motherhood, healing

Facebook User

Reads about: child abuse, recovery, recovery poetry

Dan L. Hays

Reads about: recovery, writing, spirituality, life, healing

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