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industrial chic art exhibition

This Friday, July 29th!    I will have 4 pieces in this showYou should probably come.190 Christopher Columbus Drive, Jersey City, NJ7:00 pm - 11:00 pmcover art by andrea brooke d'alessandroInspired by the industrial feel of the newly renovated 190 Co... · 1Y ago

sold...sold....& sold

Huge thank ya to Emerge Gallery and Robert Langdon for believing in my work.  3...I said THREE pieces of my work were sold in the last couple of weeks!   Please check out Emerge up in Sauger... · 1Y ago


EKPHRASIS is art that inspires other art.  Robert Langdon's poem, "The Hunter, The Bear an... · 1Y ago

jeff koons, ai weiwei, 2 roberts& me

It's that time of year again...Over 1500 postcard-sized artworksat POSTCARDS FROM THE EDGE... · 1Y ago

the bride still has time fo' art

Selling 2 condos, buying our dream house and planning a wedding (this artist is getting married in 2 days!  2 effin' days!)...Somehow...I still made it into an art show...TONIGHT!    and THA... · 1Y ago

weekend o'digging

Thanks to everyone who came out to support the Digable Arts Festival!  It was an awesome event!  Love being a part of this since the start of it all!If you missed's what you missed... · 1Y ago

feelin' digable?

It's that time again.  The Digable Arts Festival!  and YOU SHOULD GO!Check me out on the 4... · 1Y ago

the candied road ahead

I am honored that my photo of Author Robert Langdon is featured on the back cover of his new book, "The Candied Road Ahead".(I broke my rule about editing my posts only to correct my hideous... · 1Y ago


I have a couple of pieces in this small works show!!!!!!!! This is the shop where my "Aunt Cindy" line of clothing, accessories and jewelry are sold.  The store will be open for the night of course, so as you check out the can shop too! ... · 1Y ago

Bauhaus and Paint?

You wanna dance to some 80's industrial/new wave AND look at some new artwork?  Good!  Well come on down to QXTs248 Mulberry Street, Newark, NJFRIDAY, MARCH 8th @ 10:00pm.  Art downstairs...dancing upstairs."la vie" I have a bunch of new pieces in th...