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Yankee-Belle Cafe · 3h ago

Ratatouille Omelette Redux

  Although the weather has finally turned chilly (for a day or two), this weekend the farmer's market was surprisingly still full of gorgeous tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, zucchini, etc.So I ...
Yankee-Belle Cafe · 1d ago

Falling for Fall with Easy Chicken and Rice Casserole

Yes, it’s finally beginning to feel more like autumn here in southeast Texas. We can open the windows at the big house and allow all those paint fumes to escape. Those cooler temps also mea...
Yankee-Belle Cafe · 2d ago

Fun and Frugal Revisited: Quick Roasted Almonds

It is deadline crunch time, so I thought I'd bring back a post I shared five years ago...WAIT!!! FIVE years ago??? That's right, five years. Now I officially feel old. Very old.Okay, the pit...
Yankee-Belle Cafe · 4d ago

Closed for the Weekend! Back Monday, First Thing!

BACK ON MONDAY!!!!! Enjoy your weekend!!!
Yankee-Belle Cafe · 4d ago

Fancying-Up Your Meat and Potatoes

Missy TippensI admit my food is not beautiful. I love to watch cooking shows and read cookbooks, and I admire the plating and beautiful dishes. Then when I make something, I pretty much just...
Yankee-Belle Cafe · 4d ago

The Bakery Side of Farming

You can tell we're not a crop farm. Crop farms are farms that plant big fields of corn or sorghum or cane or tobacco or wheat or oats, alfalfa, soybeans, or veggies to go to Bird's Eye or ot...
Yankee-Belle Cafe · 4d ago

What Says Fall to You?

I noticed this sign as I was walking home tonight.It's on the front of this really pretty restaurant. The sign made me think of fall, but the beautiful flowers are more in keeping with our s...
Yankee-Belle Cafe · 1W ago

Fabulously Fancy Cupcake Hack (And a Cover Reveal)

Mindy here, and last week south central Texas was treated to a beautiful harvest moon. If only this picture did it justice. But it was big and oh, so bright.Have you ever wondered why they c...
Yankee-Belle Cafe · 1W ago

A New Fall Tradition

I don't think it's any secret that we love living in the Black Hills of South Dakota!Every year, we become more at home here as we add yearly traditions.Winter is the Great Christmas Tree Hu...
Yankee-Belle Cafe · 1W ago

Goodbye.... for now!

Hello, everybody! Mary Jane here and this is goodbye... for now.                                                             I'm eyeballs-deep in several series, we'll be traveling for a whi...