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Yarn Harlot · 3h ago


You know how sometimes, you’ve got these friends, and they totally love that you’re a knit...
Yarn Harlot · 2d ago

Garden Party

It’s Victoria Day, a holiday in here in Canada.  Victoria was the first Queen of Canada,  ...
Yarn Harlot · 5d ago

Impeccable Timing

Last Monday, in the middle of all the things going on here, rolling up to a tricky Mother’s Day and with Joe’s mum still in hospital, I started not to feel so well. There was a pain in my le...
Yarn Harlot · 1W ago

A Glimpse Through a Window

I know for a solid fact that I have written here before, likely with an excess of emotion ...
Yarn Harlot · 3W ago

Block Party

Back from a whirlwind trip to Oregon and the Knot Another Fiber Festival, and not only did I have a very good time working there, I inexplicably got a ton of knitting done. Maybe it was just...
Yarn Harlot · 1M ago

Maybe Cloning

Home again, home again. I wonder how many times I’ve typed that over the years.  It’s a miracle I’ve never followed it with jiggity-jig, which is absolutely what I’m thinking. (This is the exact moment when one of you scans … Continue reading →
Yarn Harlot · 1M ago

At the End(s)

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE After Years of Failure, Knitter Proves That She Can Be Taught PORT L...
Yarn Harlot · 1M ago

Fine it was tofu

Yesterday I left the snow and general crap scene of weather in Toronto, and made my way here to Texas, where I’m at the DFW Fiber Fest, an event that I really adore.  It’s got a great vibe, and they’re … Continue reading →
Yarn Harlot · 1M ago

No Really

I have a pretty big stash, and the most amazing thing about it is really that with the exc...
Yarn Harlot · 2M ago


One time I was listening to the radio (CBC, because I am some sort of dinosaur who still l...