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Yarn Harlot · 4d ago

A new pen wouldn’t hurt either

For years and years, I’ve run a very tight Christmas ship.  Very tight. Spreadsheet kinda tight, and it’s really worked for me. It’s prevented a hysterical sort of feeling in my tummy and made it possible for me to get … Continue reading →
Yarn Harlot · 6d ago

Just stuff that laundry behind the piano

When I was a young mother, and the girls were all little, I was part of a mothers group. I...
Yarn Harlot · 2W ago

I’m just that much of a help

A few months ago when I was in Vancouver at Knit Social – I staggered up to the Gauge Dye ...
Yarn Harlot · 2W ago

Long Haul

The top ten reasons I have deleted blog posts to you in the last 2 weeks – along with rand...
Yarn Harlot · 1M ago

Going Going

I got up today (I’d say this morning if I believed for a second that 4:30am was morning) and staggered back to the airport, where I was seated in the chair that they’ve engraved my name in, ...
Yarn Harlot · 1M ago

Sock about town

Here I am, in London. (I know. Trust me, I feel really lucky.) Here for a bit of work, a bit of play, and a bit of a family visit – Joe and I are getting really good at combining … Continue reading →
Yarn Harlot · 1M ago

Making Hay

Since last we saw each other, my pets, this little life I’m trying to lead has been on fir...
Yarn Harlot · 1M ago

Randomly on a Thursday

1. Two days ago Joe and I got on a plane and flew to New York City for a little bite of the Big Apple 2. He had work and me too, but we still had the time to make … Continue reading →
Yarn Harlot · 1M ago

Fibre in your diet

Socktober is still a thing over here. I had a brief dalliance with the beginnings of a sha...
Yarn Harlot · 2M ago

Vegetables are important

Thanksgiving came and went this weekend, and we all magically got through it. Our first holiday without her, and there were moments that were just fine, and moments that were awful and we mi...