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Yarn Harlot · 1w ago

I think it’s in the living room

Random thing the first: I got on my bike this morning and took about sixteen deep breaths ...
Yarn Harlot · 2W ago

I am like the wind

Randomly on a Wednesday: Subtitle – things I have done since last we were together. 1.  I ...
Yarn Harlot · 3W ago

At least it’s on time

I’ve hit that point in the blanket project, I’m sure you know which one I mean. It’s that ...
Yarn Harlot · 4W ago


Making – The baby blanket. I’m two repeats in, and I think optimistically it’s going to take 15 repeats for the body, and then I can pick up stitches round my square, and get on with the bor...
Yarn Harlot · 1M ago

Good News

I know that nobody out there could possibly be as worried about this as I was, but the yar...
Yarn Harlot · 1M ago

It’s still a thing

A few weeks ago, it was PWA‘s 30th anniversary. This is charity I hold near and dear to my...
Yarn Harlot · 1M ago

Mummy’s Little Sweatshop

The paper and silk jacket continues to trudge along, though I’m feeling better and as my energy and will to go on returns, I’m trying to get a bunch of stuff done. I cleaned up around here, ...
Yarn Harlot · 1M ago

Turns out those two words are a thing

The quickest trip to my computer today (actually, if I tell the truth I wrote most of this on my phone and then texted it to myself) as I’ve been felled by that most ignoble of all ailments, the dastardly … Continue reading →
Yarn Harlot · 1M ago

Knit Faster

Our little man Elliot is bigger by the moment.  I see him every few days, and every time I pick up his little body it has a greater heft. He’s gaining so well, absolutely thriving on his mother’s milk.  I … Continue reading →
Yarn Harlot · 1M ago


That’s what a friend said when I texted them this picture: It’s a sweet little BSJ, knit o...