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Yashiro's Journal · 1Y ago

Missing The Simple Things

When things started to get more and more out of the ordinary things you once knew you starts to forget the important things in life. Yes that's what happens when you start getting old and ha...
Yashiro's Journal · 1Y ago

When The Clock Strikes 12

It's been a while since I update this blog with something to read for our followers and readers. I know it's a bad habit developing and it should be cut off. So just right before I fire away...
Yashiro's Journal · 2Y ago

Want To Win a Family Trip to Osaka, Japan, Join Nido 3+ Amazing Raffe Promo

Here's an interesting news for Moms and Dads and the whole family from NIDO 3+, for having a #LakingAmazing kids there's raffle promo that will definitely entice others to join. NIDO 3+ will...
Yashiro's Journal · 2Y ago

Banana Peel's Family Funville, More Time More Bonding

It's one of those weekends that Mom and Dad will be enjoying the weekend with the kids. Yes there's going to be another fun-filled weekend activity for the whole family as Banana Peel showca...
Yashiro's Journal · 2Y ago

Daddy Day Care : Dad Played at Enfant 20th Anniversary Kick Off

Dad's like me has always been supportive with the Moms and for this particular event this Dad took time be part of the Enfant's 20th Anniversary celebration which was held at the Activity Ce...
Yashiro's Journal · 2Y ago

Monday Rush : New Traffic Scheme

Monday Rush is back and for this particular Monday I'm rushing to go to work because I might ended up trap in a new traffic scheme that the MMDA and HPG are laying on the streets of Metro Ma...
Yashiro's Journal · 2Y ago

Outburst of Emotion on My Birth Month

Just a little outburst (or more perhaps) of emotion today just to clear out some clogs in the system. These past few days things aren’t going pretty well for me. It’s a roller coaster ride o...