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Yoga with Maheshwari · 2d ago

A conversation that must keep going

For the first time in the 3 plus years that I’ve been with my partner, who is black, I’ve wondered about potential for violence because of our ‘mixed race’ status. He’s probably wondered abo...
Yoga with Maheshwari · 5d ago


In reading about the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia this weekend it’s easy to lose heart; to think that the alt-right, the white supremacist, nazis, racists are gaining ground. And it...
Yoga with Maheshwari · 1W ago

Sun Salutes are back In my life!

Yesterday I did about 6 sun salutes. It was my first time since having the fistula surgery on June 14. I was pretty sure they would be ok because I’ve been able to get on hands and knees wit...
Yoga with Maheshwari · 2W ago

Long Weekend!

The long weekend is here. Time for a little restoration after a hard week’s work. I find that I used to have high expectations for long weekends; when I drank it meant extra time with a drin...
Yoga with Maheshwari · 2W ago


I spent a few days last week in Montréal, Québec (Canada). It’s a lively city with a different vibe than other Canadian cities. The language is French whereas the rest of Canada is primarily...
Yoga with Maheshwari · 3W ago


An excellent reminder that the pain we feel has a greater purpose. We are all learning loving-kindness and compassion.
Yoga with Maheshwari · 4W ago

The Yoga of Liberation by Renunciation

In the final verse of the Bhagavad Gita, we are reminded of the previous verses important points. Arjuna asks what true sannyasa (renunciation) is. Krishna replies that renunciation of selfi...
Yoga with Maheshwari · 1M ago

Just a weed

I  saw this little weed poking out through the pavement while taking my dog out. It’s just a little thing, not all that interesting or tough looking. Just all by itself there, surrounded by ...
Yoga with Maheshwari · 1M ago

Ashes to ashes

Yesterday we spread my Mom’s ashes in Herring Cove where she grew up, as was her wish. As they were going out on the tide we needed to be there at high tide. My brother had a couple of frien...
Yoga with Maheshwari · 1M ago

I’m back on my hands!

In earlier posts I wrote about my concerns around being able to do yoga because of the fistula I had created in my wrist for dialysis. It’s been a month and everything is healing quite well....