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Your Biz Cafe · 9M ago


Your Biz Cafe will soon use a different Content Management system. This will better ad in membership growth and help me as the admin to streamline everything in the Your... Continue reading
Your Biz Cafe · 1Y ago

Consistent advertising leads results

Classified advertising is still be used as a method of promotion. There are many types of sites out there. There are standard classifieds, niche targeted classifieds, ad blasters and ad... C...
Your Biz Cafe · 1Y ago

The benefit of using a text ad exchange

Free website traffic is very good ways to jump start your marketing efforts. There are so many ways to get free traffic. You can post in blogs, forums, article marketing,... Continue reading
Your Biz Cafe · 1Y ago

Permission based email marketing: Four ways to build trust

In the last blog post, we discussed what permission-based email marketing is. How effective it is was also mentioned. But, how can it build trust to keep your audience engaged? […]
Your Biz Cafe · 1Y ago

Permission based email marketing what is it

Business and internet marketers are trying to reach people in different ways. How? There are many methods to choose from. There is social media, offline advertising like flyers and newspaper...
Your Biz Cafe · 1Y ago

Major website updates for Your Biz Café

Your Biz Café The main site has a new design and will be host to blog posts for the ezine as well as Blog Text Ads and YBC Adboard. This […]
Your Biz Cafe · 1Y ago

Let your classified ad do all of the work

Having trouble with your ad campaign? Is your classified ad campaign performing the way you need it to? Perhaps, you are not using keywords in your ad. Maybe your ad […]
Your Biz Cafe · 1Y ago

How long should your solo ad be?

Solo advertising is a very effective way to get your website noticed. Plus you gain a steady flow of real visitors to your website gradually. You can reach an audience […]
Your Biz Cafe · 1Y ago

A Croissant a cup of joe and a lesson learned

Part 2 of a strange morning and a torn resume After the debacle of an interview, I decided to get a croissant and a cup of coffee. I wanted to […]
Your Biz Cafe · 1Y ago

A strange morning and a torn resume

It was time to look for work again. I was happy to get the opportunity to get interviewed by a number of agencies. It was a while before I was […]