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Your Lips But Better · 8M ago


So it has been a bit more than a month since SMAP is gone.  I still love them and will always support them.  Johnny's can lick between my toes.  (ew)  Anyway, I finally received my CD and DV...
Your Lips But Better · 8M ago

You can not train old dogs

Oh hey hi.I definitely do not agree with my subject line.  But I can see why people have that opinion.Gigi is 13.  And she has always been paper trained.  When she is indoor, that's where sh...
Your Lips But Better · 9M ago

Happy New Year 2017

Hello everyone.Happy 2017!  I hope you are getting a great start this year.  I certainly intend to. :)Christmas was pretty good.  I did get sick last week though and we got snow TWICE.  Arg....
Your Lips But Better · 10M ago

Red Dachshund Sticker Shop

Long time no post my friends.  Life is going on.  Life is good.  I want to do a little shameless plug here.  If you will take a quick peek, I would appreciate it.{This is an "advertisement...
Your Lips But Better · 11M ago


FavoritesJust some items that are note worthy... in no particular order.iPhone 6S+.Sephora Rouge Balm 07 Bashful Beige.Sephora Rouge Balm in 09 Mild Plum.Mr. Klean Magic Eraser--always love ...
Your Lips But Better · 11M ago

Interesting. Not.

I have discovered bits of components on my blog layout is gone.  What the f?  The blogroll lists (I had 2) was gone weeks ago.  I also have a components of my other links.  That was gone.  I...
Your Lips But Better · 1Y ago

Happy Sunday

I have added a new sticker listing to my Etsy shop!  Haha.  I am very proud of this little sheet.  I have made a few variety of it... some of them I can't/don't want to sell, because of the ...
Your Lips But Better · 1Y ago

Passwords security

Just want to share some tips on how to make better passwords.
Your Lips But Better · 1Y ago

Very random thoughts

just things...............Every morning after Gigi ate her breakfast, we will go back to our room and Gigi will have her morning nap while I take a shower or whatever I need to do in the mor...
Your Lips But Better · 1Y ago

Cute Gigi

Some cute images I have put together for Fall.  :)So cute, right?