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Zachar Law Firm · 1d ago

Motorcyclist killed in crash in North Phoenix

Phoenix police say a motorcyclist has died after colliding with another vehicle in Phoenix on Wednesday morning.
Zachar Law Firm · 1d ago

It's High-school Graduation Season - What you need to know to keep your teens safe!

Graduations are an exciting time that calls for a celebration. With graduation season quickly approaching, it is crucial that parents and students understand how to have fun, while also stay...
Zachar Law Firm · 4d ago

Can you settle your own personal injury claim without the need of a lawyer?

Can you really settle your own personal injury claim without a lawyer? Get the facts.
Zachar Law Firm · 1W ago

House speaker revives texting while driving ban for teens in Arizona

REALLY? Banning texting from a driver with a learner's permit??? Did you know it is illegal for a person with a learner's permit to drive without an adult 21+ years old in the car with them...
Zachar Law Firm · 1W ago

Car accident injuries: How is compensation determined for your injuries?

When one is the victim of a motor vehicle crash, AZ law allows that person to obtain payment of the damages that are caused by the at-fault driver, damages include medical bills, lost wages...
Zachar Law Firm · 2W ago

How long does it take to settle an auto accident claim? Here's what you need to know.

The length of time it takes to settle a personal injury accident case depends primarily on three things:
Zachar Law Firm · 2W ago

Prom Time: Safety Tips to keep your teens safe this time of year!

April is prom season. It's a special time for all high school students to experience something that they'll likely remember forever. Don't let the experience turn tragic. Here are some tips...
Zachar Law Firm · 3W ago

Arizona DPS: Distracted driving is leading to traffic accidents

Needless to say, DISTRACTED DRIVING dangerous and it needs to stop. Law enforcement generally can only punish after the incident occurs. Clearly, that is too late. Everyone, we must all r...
Zachar Law Firm · 3W ago

Arizona is now the third deadliest state for pedestrians: The staggering statistics

Data from the first half of 2016 illustrate that the number of deadly crashes in Arizona increased to a staggering 12.8 percent. From in the first half of 2015 to 97 in the first half of 201...
Zachar Law Firm · 3W ago

How social media has played a role in car accidents: The startling statistics you didn't know.

However, there are also severe downsides to the frequent use of these social networking sites. While the invention and utilization of social media is simply awesome, the accessibility has pe...