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Zachar Law Firm · 1h ago

How important is it to have a Lawyer represent you after a dog bite?

You or a loved one has sustained an injury due to a dog bite incident.  The medical bills will be rolling in soon, and you are not sure what to do next. OK, so how do these cases work?
Zachar Law Firm · 2W ago

Top 10 Insurance Company Tricks for Car Accident Victims: What you need to look out for.

Car insurance companies try to trick you. Learn their secrets and how to counter them after being involved in a car accident. Protect your rights. Get the facts.
Zachar Law Firm · 3W ago

How much will a personal injury case cost me?

Attorneys always charge a contingency fee when representing clients that have suffered personal injuries.  A contingency fee is a fee that is charged only upon recovery and is charged direct...
Zachar Law Firm · 3W ago

Christmas Travel Safety Tips

With Christmas comes family and friends visiting to celebrate the holiday. Whether you will be a guest (traveler) or will be receiving guests (travelee?), keeping travel facts and tips in mi...
Zachar Law Firm · 4W ago

If you’re unhappy with your lawyers, can you find another?

Yes.  As a client of any attorney, you may fire the attorney at any time regardless of whether you have a contract with the client.  However, your right to terminate the relationship may hav...
Zachar Law Firm · 1M ago

How do you pay for expenses after suffering a personal injury?

You are the victim of a car accident or other injury-causing incident.  You have a damaged car, expenses, medical bills piling up and perhaps you have lost some income.
Zachar Law Firm · 1M ago

Big Law Firm vs. Small Law Firm: Which injury law firm is right for you?

Which is best for you?  Do you prefer: Big advertising law firm with commercials and billboards and buses who have a huge staff and a huge advertising budget to pay for; or Smaller firm whi...
Zachar Law Firm · 1M ago

When does an accident turn into a personal injury case?

The formula for this answer is fairly clear: 1) Car accident  +  2) Not your fault  +  3) You need medical treatment = Personal Injury case.
Zachar Law Firm · 1M ago

Interstate 17:  A dangerous highway in Arizona

Bottom Line:  Just be careful.  Driver behavior very often contributes to these crashes.  Stay alert and keep your eyes on the road at all times. Maintain a safe speed; maintain a safe foll...
Zachar Law Firm · 2M ago

How Long Do I Have to Initiate An Auto Accident Lawsuit?

This can be a really tricky question.  It is one of the main reasons you should seek to consult with an experienced Arizona trial lawyer at the earliest time. So, you ready for this? The an...