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Zachar Law Firm · 2d ago


Every year, Halloween calls for our neighborhood streets to be filled with ghouls and goblins in search for a trick or treat. What a fun night for our neighborhoods—I have very fond memories...
Zachar Law Firm · 5d ago

What are the downsides of not talking to a lawyer after your injury?

You have probably heard the old phrase “the person that represents himself has a fool for a client.”  Most people would prefer to go their entire lives without having to talk with an attorne...
Zachar Law Firm · 1W ago

When Can you Legally and Safely Enter a Crosswalk?

There is some confusion about the use of crosswalks on the Arizona roadways.                                                      Crosswalks are known as the area reserved for pedestrians t...
Zachar Law Firm · 1W ago

The insurance company is offering to settle my case but I’m not sure if their offer is reasonable. How do I know?

Whether an offer is reasonable or not depends on many factors, including your own subjective opinion on what you determined to be the value of your personal injury case.  While your opinion ...
Zachar Law Firm · 2W ago

After the insurance company and my attorney agree upon settlement, how long will it take to get my money?

What should you expect now that your bodily injury case has settled?  Expect to wait at least thirty (30) days before you receive payment from a settlement.
Zachar Law Firm · 2W ago

How important is it to have an attorney that has shown a history of success in similar cases such as my personal injury case?

The success or failure of your attorney in prior cases while important in choosing your attorney should not be the primary determinate in choosing to retain the attorney.  Because “success”...
Zachar Law Firm · 3W ago

Does an attorney have to specialize in the area of personal injury?

Arizona recognizes attorneys who have reached a high professional standard in the practice of law.  The designation made by the Arizona State Bar for these high level attorneys is "Certified...
Zachar Law Firm · 1M ago

How do police reports play a role in a personal injury claim?

Police officers, as first responders, often play a vital role in personal injury claims.  Police officers have the responsibility to document the physical evidence, the statements of the dri...
Zachar Law Firm · 1M ago

If you’re injured in a car accident and can’t work. What rights do you have? What can you do?

An accident can cause injuries that prevent you from working. As a victim of an at-fault accident you are entitled to be placed in the same position, you would have been had the accident not...
Zachar Law Firm · 1M ago

How Does Our State Senator Feel About Median Barriers Now?

Arizona Sen. Steve Smith and a campaign staffer walked away from a violent car crash Sunday after a parade on the Navajo Nation.  Smith, who is running for a seat in Congress, told The Arizo...