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Zachar Law Firm · 4d ago

What does "Due Process" mean in personal injury law?

Personal injury law can be very complex. One of the many questions often asked is, what is "due process" and how is it relevant to personal injury law? Below is a very basic breakdown of wh...
Zachar Law Firm · 4d ago

What does a "free consultation" really mean when meeting with a personal injury lawyer?

What exactly is a free consultation when you meet with a phoenix personal injury lawyer? Are there any hidden fees? What does the consultation consist of? What should I bring with me to the...
Zachar Law Firm · 1W ago

Just how dangerous are the "suicide lanes" in Phoenix?

The term "suicide lane" doesn't exactly conjure an image of safety. More aptly referred to as a “universal turn lane”, it is still a big time danger on the road unless used as intended.
Zachar Law Firm · 2W ago

A World Of Self-Driving Cars Is Coming (Are You Okay With This?)

I like to drive. I enjoy feeling the acceleration and being in control of my vehicle. The concept of being driven by a computer seems a bit odd. However, driverless cars are coming. A few ...
Zachar Law Firm · 3W ago

Distracted Driving: One Call Can Change Everything

Thousands have Died in Crashes Involving Cell Phone Use. It's a fact. Many distractions exist while driving, but cell phones are a top distraction because so many drivers use them for long ...
Zachar Law Firm · 3W ago

Arizona Legislature, You Disappoint All Arizonans...Again.

For one brief, shining moment, it appeared that Arizona might, at long last, join 46 other states and impose a ban on texting while driving. Or not, as it turns out. Again.
Zachar Law Firm · 3W ago

Why is it so important to have uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage?

In a tough economy, people, unfortunately, cut back on the amount of their automobile insurance coverage, and in some cases, drop such coverage entirely in an attempt to save money. Also, be...
Zachar Law Firm · 1M ago

Is the time ripe to pass a motorcycle helmet law in Arizona?

Tucson Representative Randall Friese has proposed a law requiring motorcycle riders to wear helmets, with fines collected for violating the law going into a fund to help defray the medical c...
Zachar Law Firm · 1M ago

Insurance adjusters want medical release forms after an accident. Why?

One of the most popular tactics used by insurance adjusters after you've been in an accident is asking for medical release forms. Why is this done?
Zachar Law Firm · 1M ago

Insurance Adjuster Tactics After An Accident: What you need to know

Be wary of contact with an insurance adjuster after a collision. The adjuster will act like your friend and assure you that the company wants to fairly compensate you for your injuries and d...