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Zachar Law Firm · 4d ago

Is Arizona a no fault state for car accidents? If so, what does that mean?

In no fault states, injuries claims are usually handled by one’s own auto insurance carrier, although some no fault states have a threshold of damages, which if exceeded allows claims agains...
Zachar Law Firm · 1W ago

Hiring an Arizona Wrongful Death Lawyer: What you need to know.

When a family member dies as the result of another person's negligence, is it appropriate to consider hiring an attorney to investigate the case? Was there negligence? Could the tragedy hav...
Zachar Law Firm · 1W ago

Why don't we use our turn signals? The startling statistics you didn't know

When did not using turn signals become the norm? Notwithstanding it is the law in Arizona, the courtesies of signaling your intentions to other drivers is the proper way to drive safely on t...
Zachar Law Firm · 2W ago

Pipes slam into truck windshield in Phoenix

Pipes through a windshield in a car accident in Phoenix, Arizona
Zachar Law Firm · 2W ago

What law firm ratings really mean: What you need to know

When you research a personal injury law firm, you may notice accolades on their website. Often new clients trust these accolades, but, are they really trustworthy?
Zachar Law Firm · 3W ago

What are the real benefits of hiring a personal injury lawyer?

Benefits of Acquiring Help of Personal Injury Attorney. What are they? Do you really need an attorney after being injured due to someone else’s negligence? There are so many different ways ...
Zachar Law Firm · 3W ago

Personal Injury Myths: What's fact, what's fiction?

It is important to know the difference between the myths and facts about personal injury lawyers. Jokes aside, we can worry little, rest easy and enjoy the food we consume, the products we ...
Zachar Law Firm · 1M ago

What does "Due Process" mean in personal injury law?

Personal injury law can be very complex. One of the many questions often asked is, what is "due process" and how is it relevant to personal injury law? Below is a very basic breakdown of wh...
Zachar Law Firm · 1M ago

What does a "free consultation" really mean when meeting with a personal injury lawyer?

What exactly is a free consultation when you meet with a phoenix personal injury lawyer? Are there any hidden fees? What does the consultation consist of? What should I bring with me to the...
Zachar Law Firm · 1M ago

Just how dangerous are the "suicide lanes" in Phoenix?

The term "suicide lane" doesn't exactly conjure an image of safety. More aptly referred to as a “universal turn lane”, it is still a big time danger on the road unless used as intended.