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ZippyQuilts Zippy Quilts | Modern Quilts With A Twist
ZippyQuilts · 2d ago

Two Links You May Like

The Quilt Alliance auction of donated art quilts has started.  I’m sorry I didn’t get this announcement out last week, but there is still time to bid in Week 1 of the auction if you hurry!  ...
ZippyQuilts · 1W ago

Finally, A Finish

This quilt was started as a practice piece for a quilt I want to make using this “one block wonder” technique. Finally it is finished and bound! Here is the fabric from which these one block...
ZippyQuilts · 2W ago

Practice, Practice

A friend started this quilt about 15 years ago and did a beautiful job, but quilting didn’t “take” with her, so she had this unfinished quilt but not the expected huge piles of fabric, tools...
ZippyQuilts · 3W ago

Road Trip

We recently went to the Southwest to visit family, and of course that required visits to a few quilt shops! I like to visit quilt shops when I travel because I always find something new. All...
ZippyQuilts · 4W ago

Nothing Is Wasted

We recently spent far too many hours in the Greenville-Spartanburg (South Carolina) airport, but that situation lead to the discovery of this artwork in one of the terminals. This is a metal...
ZippyQuilts · 1M ago

A New Web Resources and A Few Quilts

At our last modern guild meeting, one of our members told us about, where you can get all kinds of grids to use for drawing quilt designs.  It’s a free resource and has ma...
ZippyQuilts · 1M ago

Retreat! Need I say more?

Here are some pictures of projects from our last retreat. A good time was had by all! Next week I’ll have pictures of some of our quilts for Ronald McDonald House.
ZippyQuilts · 1M ago

Done, and Done!

Recently I taught Seminole Patchwork at Studio Stitch in Greensboro. The strips were successfully made… and one place mat per student assembled, basted, quilted, and ready for binding! I par...
ZippyQuilts · 1M ago

Shaking Up the Gypsy Wife

I almost never follow directions when using a pattern, and this Gypsy Wife quilt has been no exception. Many of the pictures of the finished quilt are beautiful, and I really like the idea o...
ZippyQuilts · 2M ago

Guild Program, Guild Challenge

Since somebody has to be in charge of guild programs, and this year I’m “it” for my modern guild, I’ve been publishing some ideas for guild programs and challenges. Hopefully, if you are in ...