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Roda Mehta to be conferred with AAAI Lifetime Achievement Award 2017

The Advertising Agencies Association of India (AAAI) today announced that the recipient of this year’s AAAI Lifetime Achievement Award is Roda Mehta. This Award is the highest honour given t... · 3h ago

Jiyo Parsi idea contest – Dadabhai Naoroji · 9h ago

“The Liar’s Weave” by Tashan Mehta

Tashan Mehta is a young Parsi girl, only 26 years old, and this is her first book, and she’s been listed with very highly reputed authors in these two lists. Her book will only be out in ear... · 1d ago


Despite a 72-hour ban on Facebook, blogger Jehangir Bisney vows to remain outspoken “I am quite clueless why Facebook imposed the ban on me. I never post anything vulgar. Yes, my posts, espe... · 1d ago

How I travelled 185+ countries – Meher Moos

Watch Meher Heroyce Moos discuss about the 3 C’s and many other things that distinguished this solo traveler from the rest. She explains how networking and voracious reading habits helps in ... · 1d ago


And here we were on the road again on a different quest, to visit the Zoroastrian sacred places in Yazd. We left early morning direction Chak Chak to visit the Zoroastrian temple of Pir-e Sa... · 1d ago


The traditional art of making Jewish and Parsi cheeses lives on in the city’s kitchens. The beetroot, walnut and topli na paneer salad at Sienna café is one of the dishes that offers patrons... · 1d ago

How Parsi Refugees From Yesterday Became Citizens of Today

Let alone India’s first cotton mill, first steel plant and first institute for fundamental research in science, we have Parsi Theatre to thank for the musical routines of Bollywood! In the l... · 1d ago


We must all learn to accept that others can be different, an Interfaith event emphasises We read about religious tensions in the world daily. When we spend time to reflect on the events that... · 1d ago

How Parsis, with Persian roots, flowered in Indian soil

Historical evidence shows the migration of the original group of Parsis to Gujarat occurred  around 7th Century AD  Photo Credit Vivek Bendre Genetic study confirms first migration of the co...