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Zucchini Summer · 4d ago

Friday Funnies

Welcome back to Friday Funnies!  This week I have 3 math humor shirts for you....enjoy!Thanks for reading!
Zucchini Summer · 1W ago

Friday Funnies

This week's Friday Funnies are just in time for Valentine's Day...enjoy!Thanks for reading!
Zucchini Summer · 2W ago

Friday Funnies

Friday Funnies are back!  Enjoy!Thanks for reading!
Zucchini Summer · 4W ago

What I'm Loving This Month

In an utter disappointment to my mom "ironing my clothes" is not on this list.  Sorry, Mom.Here are the things I am using and loving this month!1. Cabin SocksPhoto from Dick's Sporting Goods...
Zucchini Summer · 1M ago

Best Martin Luther King, Jr. Quotes

Today we celebrate the birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr.  Last week I read a book to some of my students ("March On" by Martin Luther King, Jr's sister) and learned that his birth name had...
Zucchini Summer · 1M ago

How I Earned $300+ From Swagbucks

I tallied up my Swagbucks* earnings for the year.... *Swagbucks is a site that lets you earn points for searching the web. These points can be redeemed for cash via PayPal or gift cards to t...
Zucchini Summer · 1M ago

Friday Funnies: Coffee

Seriously. It's been our first week back to school after break. Which means it has been a heavy coffee week.Thanks for reading!
Zucchini Summer · 1M ago

Swagbucks Alert!

Swagbucks alert!  I've told you about how I earn points, called SB, to redeem for giftcards and PayPal. *Last year I cashed out over $400!*  Previous posts have talked about SWAGO opportunit...
Zucchini Summer · 2M ago

Emoji Stocking Stuffers

Who doesn't love emojis???  It seems like kids of most ages enjoy them, my own kids (Kindergarten and Middle School) both do.  So as I've been gathering items for stocking stuffers, I've fou...
Zucchini Summer · 4M ago

Friday Funnies

Happy Friday!  Here are 3 things I laughed at this week...enjoy!