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Zucchini Summer · 1W ago

Grab more Swagbucks this week

*This is a sponsored post from Swagbucks. Links are referral links.  If you use the referral link I get bonus points.  Swagbucks is free to join and free to use.Remember when I told you that...
Zucchini Summer · 1W ago

Friday Funnies-Easter

Here are 3 funnies to start your Easter weekend with a laugh!Thanks for reading!
Zucchini Summer · 2W ago

Friday Funnies: Gardening

It's that time of year!  We are getting our garden ready, how about you?  Here are 3 gardening themed funnies for you.  Have a great weekend. :)Thanks for reading!
Zucchini Summer · 3W ago

Friday Funnies: T-Rex

T-Rex and his little arms always crack me up.  The last pic here is one I've not seen before and has become my new favorite!Happy Friday!Thanks for reading!
Zucchini Summer · 1M ago

Friday Funnies: Dogs

Friday Funnies!!  Have a great weekend!Thanks for reading!
Zucchini Summer · 1M ago

5 Shows You Should Be Watching

Looking for something decent to watch on TV?  These 5 shows are just what you need.  Some are dramas, some are comedies, all 5 are my favorites!1. Underground (WGN and Hulu)I heard about thi...
Zucchini Summer · 1M ago

Friday Funnies: Cats

Here are this week's funnies---all cat related. :)  Have a great weekend!Thanks for reading!
Zucchini Summer · 1M ago

Friday Funnies

Happy FRIDAY!  I was dying laughing at this one:Me last week with Strep Throat:Thanks for reading!
Zucchini Summer · 1M ago

Lousy day? Look at these doggies!

Okay guys. You're going to want to bookmark this page or something because I'm about to come at you with the best 'brain bleach' ever!           Brain Bleach is what you look at when:you had...
Zucchini Summer · 1M ago

Happy Birthday, Swagbucks! Thanks for the $$$.

*This post is sponsored by Swagbucks and includes a referral link. I get some extra points if people sign up through the link. Swagbucks is free to use and free to join.*Swagbucks is celebra...