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Melanie Clark Dorsey Melanie Dorsey is your fellow traveler on the road HOME. She invites you to accompany her for a walk in the sunshine or a run by moonlight. Along the way, you will encounter an honest approach to a God who is brighter than the morning sun and bigger than the moonlit sky. Journey just 3 miles on the road with Melanie and increase your love for the God who is brighter than your joy and bigger than your pain. While Melanie is intentional in her relationship and daily walk with Jesus, she is religious about. For, she has found that in relationship on the road God very often delivers to her His message of love, hope and healing. Melanie has a consuming hunger for God's Word and is passionate about inspiring others to fall more deeply in love with Jesus. Through in-depth Bible teaching and personal stories, she speaks with the authority that comes from knowing her God-given purpose. A featured soloist for many years, Melanie considers it a joy to minister in song. Melanie is married to

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