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Shubhaangi Srivastava M wht i m..... n m nt wht i m nt.....may b wht m nt i should be bt yeah!! thts me.bunddle of contradictions .....unpredictable .....if u like me den....GUD FOR U bt if u dnt den .....GUD FOR ME. but of dose of u who realy know me need i say nethin ?~~#@$@%$# bt if u knw me bt dnt know bout me READ DIS .. hmmmm.....wel m d gal nxt door wid strong ideas of my own n do nt get swayed by prevaling trendzz.m most of d times comfortable nt bein on d foreground.i often look back a conversation n think "wow! did i totaly suck n acted like a jerk" n d answer always is"YUP! i did d same",as my tongue often seemed disconnected wid my brain n often feel agonised over wht i would've/should 've/could've said or done.. i muddle along grasping opportunities by accident rather then by design,wid my hit n miss atitude 2 life ,i live on d brink n alwayz willing 2 take chances n cuz of which olwayz suffer bt believe tht if ur nt on da brink den ur wastin space . so till en DoN'T sHaM~oNLy gLaM~~~~~~~ according to me....... love=we think about it...dream about it...loose sleep worrying about it!!.. when v dnt have it v search 4 it!! n wen v discover it v dnt no wot to do with it!! v fear loosing it.. it is our source of pleasure..n.. pain.. bt v cnt predict which one it will b frm one moment to d next..its a short word easy to spell, difficult to define.and impossible to live without it!!!!!!!!!~~~~~~~ luv is wot can be felt not can b gven not comes wen u least xpect it....n leaves wen u most need it!!

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