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Logan Brinsmead Hello, my name is Logan Brinsmead and I reside in Sydney, Australia. Years ago I realized that the world needed some form of alternative fuel, other then coal—->oil—->petrol. My concerns were to do with the environment and the condition of our planet, our children’s home in years to come. I started making a website to promote my understanding of where we were headed if no one bothered to care or say anything about our treatment of this wonderful ball we call Earth. During this time I discovered many things about how things worked with the Internet Marketing world. So much so that I built up enough knowledge to be able to pass it on to benefit others that are looking into Internet Marketing. I try to purchase products that I can legally give away for FREE, but there are very good products that I have used that I want to give others the chance to do the same. So there are products that you would need to pay for, but if they are displayed anywhere on my website they have been tested

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