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101 Cookbooks · 5Y ago

Heirloom Apple Salad

I'm off to New York this week, and thought I would leave you with this Heirloom Apple Sal...
Asohi Airminum Kesehatan
Asohi  Like
Felecia Falardeau McAbee
Felecia  Yummm.. I walked by an Apple tree yesterday with 9 apples still hanging on. The owner let me have them! So guess what is with dinner tonight?! Dry out soon and thanks for taking the time to share this.
Misty Moore
Misty  I'm going to have to get me some apples, & give this a try.
Jeffrey Lagiv
Jeffrey  Delicioso
Amber Nicole Paz
Amber  This salad look so refreshing..I love apples and i have been looking for different ways to ingest them.I just can't have the walnuts i'm allergic so i am hoping that i can substitute them for like cashews.Happy eatings!
Felecia Falardeau McAbee
Felecia  Days later my husband is STILL raving about that salad and he ususally doesn't eat fruits and veggies unless I am creative. PS I don't consider canned corn a vegetable. LOL
Yen Carol
Yen  i want try
الزور سويب
الزور  jg
Darwin Durana
Darwin  nice