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Baawarchi Khana Hi Iam Sujata Menon from Mumbai. I loved the food my mother cooked and specially my father. My mother and father used to cook delightful south Indian food and my elder sister used to try different cuisines. The food they cooked always was yummy. My mother always used to tell me to try my hands on cooking but I was never keen towards cooking. I used to hate cooking. All I knew was to make tea, coffee and Maggie. After I got engaged I cooked a few times, but never seriously. And post my marriage when I was in kitchen for the first time I was so horrified that I couldn’t cook anything. After a few months when I was decent enough I started exploring different food items. But then I realized that all these can be made once or twice a month. There I was trying something different everyday of course with the help of my MOM. I realized that this must be the story with everyone because we have loads of websites showing all kinds of recipes but basic Indian variety. Well, I hope I a

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