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Liz Cameron Liz Cameron is the nom-de-plume of an American writer interested in documenting and reflecting upon the joys and challenges of cross-cultural family life. In her case, culture includes not only race, ethnicity and nationality, but also the “sub-cultures” in which people with disabilities reside. Liz writes about her own struggles with the implementation of the dignity of risk concept – and about her attempts at cultural responsiveness in her cross-cultural marriage, even as she questions that concept. Liz is also a big fan of writing in the magical realism genre of fiction (and of Marjorie Agosin in particular), and weaves elements of this style into her autobiographically-inspired writings. While not all of her writing employs magical elements – her mind is always in this realm. Liz’s blog, is written largely in this vein – as she gets in touch with a band of Turkish puppets who live in her head and work as backseat drivers on the cross-cultural road-tri

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