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Donna Swindells I am a Strega Priestess, by blood & years of training. I was a Roman Catholic, but finding my Mother's ancestors & their spiritual roots, I left after 45 years. I have studied Celtic, Greek & Roman and Egyptian spiritualites. After studying with deTraci Regular and her book, "The Mysteries of Isis" I went on a writer's retreat to Egypt. There, after having an encounter with the Goddess Hathor at Her temple at Dendara, my feet were set on my path. I enrolled as a student in an Iseum run by the fellowship of Isis. After graduating, I started an Iseum, in honor of Hathor. I teach students the "last rites" for Pagans, due to lack of any Pagan clergy that is available. It is a year-long class, with meditations, contemplation & studying 6 pagan spiritalites. I have a information page on facebook. It is the "Iseum of Hathor, Lady of the West." I celebrate Full & Dark Moons, and the sabbats of the wheel of the year. I can be contacted for the "passing over of a soul" ri

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