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Mindy Wall I have many, many interests, but I am truly a reader at my core. As my family will tell (and have told me my entire life, usually in an irritated tone) don't talk to me when I'm reading. I may respond, I can even repeat back to you what you said; but I can promise you that I didn't hear a word of it and will not remember it. Books transport me to other place, other worlds, travels, friends, experiences, and I lose myself among them. If I could ever find a job that paid me to read I would be in hog heaven. My ideal job would be to read books and write those little blurbs on the back that just make you want to read the book. I have books I've never read, but plan to. I have to sneak new purchases into the house because my husband told me he wasn't building me any more bookcases. I even have a kindle with about 1000 books on it, and I still buy books. My daughter has told me that I"m not allowed to go back to our public library because I bought more books today. But they just so

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