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Radhika 'Radiance' Naik A research scientist is supposed to be all engrossed in the field of research I work in. But I'm someone who has always had interest in different things, from linguistics to astronomy to sports. I plough through the infinite web of knowledge via internet and chose few unusual discoveries in science and technology to write about. Like a true scientist, I try to maintain an unbiased and logical approach towards the information. However, I refuse to label something "impossible", "hoax" or "rubbish" just because the current scientific and technological know-how cannot explain it. I acknowledge that there is a lot for us to learn and understand yet on this planet. I also believe that life goes in cycles and therefore, our civilisation is not the first advanced humans this planet has seen. History (which we conveniently call mythology and ignore) tells us of various feats of advanced ancient civilisations and their downfall, gradual or sudden. We CAN learn a lot from our past, about our future and about our planet, if we make a wise choice. My blog is an effort in convincing the humanity to learn from history and live in harmony with the Earth! I sincerely hope my blog gets you thinking.

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