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R Bryan Anthony -->>About Robert Bryan Anthony and "RBA International Solutions"<<--- I've worked with people for over 20 yrs. in 3 MLM opportunity business and over 12 professional organizations. 1. WHY do we (me & "RBA International Solutions") exist? *To Inspire Abundant Awareness So People Can Experience True Freedom and a Life Transformed! 2. WHAT do we do? *We provide honest and relevant solutions that inspire and transform people to create the life of their dreams so they will, in turn, do the same for someone else. 3. HOW do we do what we do? *We provide opportunities for the best in professional and honest business and marketing training, both Online and Offline, with solutions and answers for clients and team members who seek "a better way" and value that will take their business and life to the next level of success. 4. What is our Awareness Philosophy? *We have developed and built a special business "blueprint:" " a wise man who built his house on the rock." - Matthew 7:24      a) FAITH the Foundation      b) CHARACTER the Center      c) WISDOM the Walls      d) RESULT the Roof      e) SUCCESS the Surroundings *We believe in utilizing the "10 Commandments For Our Business" 5. What should you look for? Robert Bryan Anthony and "RBA International Solutions" are striving and committed to change lives as we create a massive online presence that has such a high degree of Valuable Content and a Social Media following that our presence will become one of the top-producing and awe-inspiring resources out on the Internet today.  A BIG Order To Fill!! "May you walk in freedom..." Psalm 119:45 Robert {Bryan} Anthony To Inspire Your Abundant Awareness 1-206-337-9896 P.S. Go to find out more about me:

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