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Elizabeth Sarah Nesbitt-Perrigin Back in 2009 I began blogging after attending a function with my mother on getting a website started and earning money without selling a thing. After signing up for their service, we went home and did some research and that is when I discovered that what they introduced could be done just as easily for free with just a little more effort. My blogs is tips on helping people in optimizing their blogs that run adsense. After creating a free website with Google, it became apparent after a search that a blog through Google's Blogger was needed to be approved. After trying the Traffic Exchange, it became apparent that it wasn't going to pay out and their was just to much work involved to earn 1/3 of a penny. There are blogs that are following me that have to do with books, insurance, family etc. Take a look if you are interested. The information is free, I'm not charging a fee because I am already making money with the ads, and my feelings about helping each other and prosper is

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