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Laura Bonetzky I am a single mother of three beautiful girls, an entrepreneur, managing director for MedSpa New England, and volunteer for Hospice. I grew up in a medical family for over 30+ years combining holistic and traditional medicinal therapies. In 2008, Laura was awarded the "Healthy Living Magazine Honorary Award" in recognition of her outstanding efforts, dedication & committment to the health & wellness community "If you treat your skin like a canvas then you can see people differently. This is something I had always wanted to have done myself and starting this business was a win-win situation. Our goal is to expand to encompass every facet of people's lives to make them feel better inside and out in way traditional medicine is unable to do. We stress more holistic ways in order to prevent or needs for surgery. We combine the best of medical and holistic treatments to keep you from needing surgery or other procedures. The plan is to grow where we will have more than one location and offer everything from sex therapy to massages, hypnosis, acupuncture, holistic medicine, and spiritual healing. We need modern medicine. However, everything can not be fixed or managed with a prescription or a pill. Our goal is to help you become healthy inside and out in very natural ways."

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