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Michelle Rhoades Welcome to my corner of the world! I call it heaven in a bar of soap~ Currently I teach in my own Soapmaking Studio in Warner Robins, Ga. Called the Mossy Creek Soap Studio.. If you are wondering where that is...Break out the map~ Point to the middle of Georgia and well that's where I am located! But don't worry, I come well traveled. I grew up here in the South and even though I wasn't born here I do consider myself a southerner. Thanks to my dad who was in Army when we got stationed in Georgia in the second grade. I battled with it in my early 20's and went to work with Delta Airlines. Managed to get based in LA! Imagine that? Southern Girl in LA? WOW! Was that a culture shock. I went on to live many places in the US and travel abroad while I was working with them. I soon fell in love with all the natural beauty shops in the UK, Germany and France. Intrigued with things like cucumber, carrot creams and chamomile soap~ I wanted to create something good. Armed with my new fo

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