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Kristy Anstett Campbell I am a perfectionistic project manager turned proud mama from Ontario, Canada! I'm currently on maternity leave caring for my beautiful daughter Starryn (born Nov 24, 2010)and trying not to distract my dear husband Chris too much, who puts in a valiant effort to work from home with an infant in the midst! I used to spend my days consulting, updating project plans and "deconflicting" my calendar; this has been replaced with around-the-clock feeding, poopy diapers and silly songs...and I love it! :) When I can find the time, I hang wit' my wonderful friends and family, research, blog and enter giveaways. I've always had a penchant (ok fine, an addiction!) for finding great deals and saving money, however I'm also an anti-hoarder so the things I acquire which I no longer want or need end up donated or sold on Kijiji. :) Becoming a mommy has also introduced me to the exciting world of cloth diapering, and now I am utterly and totally hooked!

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