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Cecly Ann Mitchell

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Romance University · 1Y ago

Your Writing Voice and Putting You on the Page with Rachael Thomas

TweetAn author’s voice is an essential element in writing. Rachael Thomas tells us why.  Your writing voice is your unique way of telling your story. It will add depth to your story and allo...
Romance University · 1Y ago

Now a Word from the Copy Editor . . . Nan Reinhardt

TweetCopyeditor Nan Reinhardt gives us a new word of the day – and a reason to hope we never get to use it when writing our books! Anachronism—it’s a great word, isn’t it? I love […]
Romance University · 1Y ago

Converting Backstory into Character with Theresa Stevens, Editor

Due to an unexpected glitch, we’re re-running a post by our favorite editor Theresa Stevens! Theresa Stevens joins RU once again (yay!) to lead us through the process of character developmen...
Romance University · 1Y ago

Starting a New Author’s Group—Part Three: Working Toward the Future By Beppie Harrison

In our final of a three-part series on how to start a writer’s group, Beppie Harrison explains how to grow and work toward the future! Read on! Your new author’s group is now a reality, […]
Romance University · 1Y ago

Starting a New Author’s Group—Part Two: Promotion By Barbara Bettis

Today we dive straight into promotion for your author’s group with Barbara Bettis! When starting a new author’s group, promotion of the group and the individual authors is a major considerat...
Romance University · 1Y ago

Starting a New Author’s Group—Part One: Getting Started By Màiri Norris

Help me welcome Màiri Norris and some of her author’s group! For the next 3 days we’ll be talking about the ins and outs of starting your own author’s group – is it easy? Nope. […]