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Alvin C. Romer Alvin C. Romer is the principal in the Romer Review, a 10-year online literary magazine and book review site. As an Author, Editor, Journalist and Book Reviewer his expertise is one of a diverse nature. His debut literary offering will be ‘From Minor to Major: Key Transitions in Manifesting (Your) Destiny’, the first in the three book series ‘Of Righteous Apples and Other Spiritual Gems tentatively scheduled to be released July 2012. Mr. Romer gained notoriety as an Essayist and freelance writer in various genres, and have written multiple literary overviews for aspiring and veteran writers alike, featured as an online columnist, including serving as writing coach. He is a member of the National Association of Black Journalists and reviews books for several major publishing houses on a regular basis. An entrepreneural spirit is manifested with his Write Ink, Inc. business for the purpose of editing manuscripts and offering guidance to those aspiring to write and publish their own books

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