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Flossie Benton Rogers Paranormal romance author Conjuring the Magic with goddesses, fairies, warriors, angels, demons, dark guardians, and other beings of magic and myth.

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Summer Holidays and Spiritual Happenings #pbloggers

Hello! We are settling in to our Big Summer Holidays now, and I am inviting you to join me at Northwich Memorial Court next weekend for our big Mind, Body, Spirit event.                     ...
Spooky Mrs Green · 1Y ago

Steampunk Adventures in Crewe

Way back at the end of May, I took my eldest daughter to the Crewe Steampunk Convivial. I almost missed the event, since it coincided with the weekend when I exhibited at a Rosemary Douglas ...
Spooky Mrs Green · 1Y ago

My Summer Holidays with Kids – week #1

The first week has flown by and now we are back home from a visit to my Mum, who lives just over the border in Staffordshire, but who is largely housebound due to a chronic medical condition...
Spooky Mrs Green · 1Y ago

Get Back Behind that Sink and Nurture Your Children!

I have just listened to the BBC 5 Live radio phone-in regarding the issue around taking your children into work. This has been raised after Scottish MP Kirsty Blackman took her children to a...
Iris B · 1Y ago

Tuesday Tales - PHONE ~ ~ #Tuesdaybookblog #Books

 Welcome to Tuesday ... Welcome to Tuesday Tales ...Time for a new story. This one has no title, yet, and has been on the back burner for a few years now. I think I posted one or two excerpt...

The Midwife's Revolt by Jodi Daynard

                                                                BUY HEREOn a dark night in 1775, Lizzie Boylston is awakened by the sound of cannons. From a hill south of Boston, she watches...
Iris B · 1Y ago

I have moved ** My #blog can now be found on my #website

*** NEWS *** NEWS *** As of today I'm retiring my blog as part of the launch of my ♥ I look forward to see you there ♥

The Devil Made Me Do It!

My mom was an angel! The devil must have made her do it, because she was the kindest, most giving woman you could ever met. She was the one who taught me to keep my words “soft and sweet.” S...

Our House Is A Very, Very, Very Fine House

Our house is a very, very, very fine house…now. It wasn’t when we bought it. Why can a house, a piece of property, a vision of what could be, draw you so much that you are willing to do and ...