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Rachel Biel I've been working with cultural handicrafts and tribal art since 1988. Many of those years were spent in brick and mortar stores in Chicago (4th World Artisans as manager and then owned Mama's Hovel, FolkArte and Dara Tribal Village). Now I live in Kentucky and sell primarily online, although I do have a permanent booth space at Antique Galleria, 212 Broadway, downtown Paducah. Although I love all forms of functional craft, my focus now is on textiles and fiber art. I am also a quilter/fiber artist. I write about textiles on my website, My goal is to narrow the divide between "First World-Third World" by using textiles and fiber art as the entry point, hopefully showing our common ground through our common struggles as human beings on this crazy earth. I often have guests on who talk about their work. In January of 2010, I launched TAFA: The Textile and Fiber Art List, an organization that seeks to expand markets for its members. We make good use of soci

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