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Robin George Something about me... Hard enough to explain... Steadfast enough to maintain... Know me now... Know me then... (●̮̮̃•̃) /█\ .Π. I BELIEVE in God. I LOVE to Smile. I OPPOSE Injustice. I PREFER Simplicity. I TEND to be a Genuine Person. I TRY to control my Negativities. I CARE for my Principles. I PROTECT my Relationships. I PRESERVE my Culture. I RESPECT the Respectable. I ADMIRE the Wise. I MISS my Friends. I ENJOY the Company of Children. I ABSTAIN Bad Influence. I FOLLOW Honesty. I MAINTAIN my Spirituality. I PLAY Guitar. I MAKE Others Happy. I HATE Loneliness. I ENJOY Life. I LIKE to be Myself. I am ADDICTED to Music. I am DIFFERENT. I am ME...

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