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Shanna Riley In a land where ghosts and ghost stories were as common and accepted as the gray, curling moss dripping from the oak and pecan trees, the art of storytelling was a rite of passage in any young Southerners' life. As for myself, quite literally raised "on the bayou", I was not immune to this bard-like existence. Writing since I could hold a pen, I have put out an extensive mess of words that have, over the years, accumulated into a myriad of web sites, blogs, and even a few published works. Words do not, yet, a paycheck make, however, I keep up my geeky street cred with a website ( and blog ( My greatest passion & hobby at the moment is graving, and more info on that can be found on my graving blog at You can find me on twitter at @graversjournal. I reside in Louisiana's lovely capital city of Baton Rouge with my finace, five cats, and a fish named Google. And, no, my other car is not a pirogue.

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