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Confessions of a Graphic Designer I'm a graphic designer who loves words

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Dubie Bacino internet entrepreneur, writer, self-searching dreamweaver, pilgrim.

Reads about: health, cancer, love, music, women

Detlev Artelt

Reads about: technology, social media, startups, web 2.0, pr

Derwin Augustus

Reads about: technology, video games, humor, news, games

Susan Davis Cushing

Reads about: social media, grief/loving, reincarnation, positive motivational, advice

Yonas Wisanto

Reads about: technology, arsitektur, konstruksi, plannings, art

Victor Chen

Reads about: technology, social media, gadgets, internet, entertainment

Barbara Klein Blogger from Basel, Switzerland | Marketing by profession | Food | Recipes | Wine | Travel | Dogs | ...

Reads about: food, recipes, cooking, travel, social media

Josue Valles

Reads about: social media, internet marketing, friends, atracttion marketing, technology

William E Spicer

Reads about: social media, german fun, german info, technology, friends

Kimberly Carney

Reads about: art, design, life, photography, mixed media

Angela Field SUGARnSPICEpIXIE your little sister walking with you on a journey I call my own.

Reads about: recipes, food, fashion, beauty, cooking

Eduardo Meza-Etienne

Reads about: social media, photography, technology, humor, business

Chuck Jones Love People | Business Owner | Animal Rescue |

Reads about: blogging, social media, networkedblogs, communication, internet marketing strategy

Kristina Wiggins

Reads about: technology, social media, humor, networking, venture capital

Roy Vassell

Reads about: technology, fashion, design, web 2.0, life

Christopher R Wills I am a 57 year old single male businessman from South Wales, United Kingdom. My business Property M...

Reads about: writing, reviews, humor, books, giveaways

Jaffna Anton

Reads about: technology, gadgets, social media, internet, startups

Shilpi Bose

Reads about: social media, inspiration, technology, branding, photography

Cristina Evani

Reads about: social media, technology, friends

Brian R Baird

Reads about: friends, relationship marketing, technology, mari smith, social media

Musa Jamaludin I'm a teacher of a secondary school in Bota area. I'm simple but work hard to achieve the organizati...

Reads about: technology, startups, web 2.0, social media, politics

Mary Helen Ferris

Reads about: positive motivational, disabilitychronic illness, for adults only, technology, social media

Fredrick Ombeta

Reads about: personal achievement, selfdevelopment, social media, technology, leadership

Michael Junghans

Reads about: education, technology, fashion, art, collaboration

Michael Q Todd

Reads about: social media, technology, home business, japan, humor

Mary E Haight

Reads about: dogs, pets, animals, technology, cancer

Rácz László

Reads about: social media, blog marketing, home business, entrepreneur, technology

Jim Green

Reads about: internet marketing, attraction marketing, telecommunications, nutrition, christian

Giselle Maclean

Reads about: social media, life, communication, entrepreneurship, fun

Chantal Harvey

Reads about: second life, social media, technology, artists, virtual

Yannis Beltekas

Reads about: social media, teses, technology, dissertações, crítica

Aragão Júlio Welcome to Barradao-Brasil

Reads about: technology, startups, politics, business, life

Vanda Strange I have been online for about 5 years and I am the partner of several sites around the internet, rang...

Reads about: marketing, business, pr, photography, technology

Liliana Risovic

Reads about: nature photography, photography, nature, birds, wildlife photography

Barbara Duke Professional Encourager,#BoomerMom, Brand Advocate,Christian Blogger, Survivor #SMGirlfriends #Slum...

Reads about: technology, facebook, marketing, social media, christian

Joe Buchel

Reads about: social media, technology, friends

Joan Stewart Blogging, Social Media and Tech Bridge the Gap into the Future; Find Me Crowdify Club http://www....

Reads about: marketing, technology, social media, business, internet

John Brown

Reads about: social media, technology, friends

Jumily Myrim Picco

Reads about: social media, technology, friends

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