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Garden Delights · 1Y ago

Growing a Beautiful Edible Garden from Seed: an Update.

Grow a beautiful edible kitchen garden from seed. Urban gardening is on the rise, and edible plants and landscape ideas turn bland lawns into foodscapes.
Garden Delights · 2Y ago

Floral Friday: Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day, friends! How did you celebrate? We spent last night creating a float for Mikey's 5th grade Earth Day parade--a project I found a tad counterintuitive to the premise of Earth...
Garden Delights · 2Y ago

Beautiful Blueberries: How to Grow Gorgeous Berries in Your Garden…Plus, a Giveaway!

It’s finally here…spring! Hooray! We’ve all anxiously awaited the arrival of warmer days, heralding the beginning of gardening season. However, with the arrival of spring, freezing temperatu...
Garden Delights · 2Y ago

Growing Beautiful Edible Gardens for the Land-Challenged: Best Tomatoes for Small Spaces.

The Great Seed Experiment continues. The greenhouse is filled with beautiful babies. Many desperately need new homes, looking like a 6-year-old forced to sleep in a crib, while I keep adding...
Garden Delights · 2Y ago

Seed by Seed: How to Plan and Grow a Beautiful Edible Garden.

One of the good things about Kristen’s horseback riding obsession is the time I spend waiting for her at the barn. I know that might sound odd, and without a laptop—I would curse the five h...
Garden Delights · 2Y ago

Floral Friday: How to Grow Hellebores for Winter Bouquets.

We've experienced crazy weather here this week. From 74 degrees to below freezing temperatures, we've battled frost, torrential rain, a flood advisory, and wind--with gusts up to 70 mph. Whe...
Garden Delights · 2Y ago

Floral Friday: The Beauty of Growing Gorgeous Sweet Peas.

I've been thinking about sweet peas. Actually, it's more of an obsession. I dream about vases filled with richly fragrant, vibrantly colored, delicately frilled sweet peas. Two year ago, I g...
Garden Delights · 2Y ago

Growing Heirloom Tomatoes in a Shady Garden.

The seed catalogs beckon…it’s time to plan the garden. As the days stretch a little longer and the light lingers a bit later, we feel the promise of spring. Soon, soon it will be time to pla...
Garden Delights · 2Y ago

Snow Days and Sunday Bread (Sonntagszopf).

It’s an interesting phenomenon. When snow and ice loom in the weather forecast, milk and bread disappear from grocery store shelves. Why is that? Do people only eat French toast during blizz...
Garden Delights · 2Y ago

Floral Friday: Growing Amaryllis and Breaking Tradition.

It's time to change the status of amaryllis. 'Sweet Nymph' Most gardeners grow amaryllis as a holiday treat, a pretty bloom to gift to a hostess or to complement Christmas decor. 'Elvas' N...